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Pop Nosh Phil Spectors Scary New Look ...

By popbytes

an unfortunate update...amy winehouse cancelled her 2nd los angeles show tonight :(

yikes! phil spector went from big scary hair to something even scarier - gosh he's so darn creepy!

hottie jesse metcalfe probably won't be invited to stay at any hotels in the near future...

posh was only drinking tea on the plane because she like the rest of us know plane food sucks!

britney spears is going to be out of rehab very soon so she can get started on her comeback...

but first britney spears may want to take a trip down to louisiana for fresh air (thinks her aunt)

winnie cooper is still alive & kicking! gosh 'the wonder years' was one of my favorite shows ever!

the gorgeous orlando bloom graces the pages of V man magazine with a totally hot spread - damn!

lindsay lohan flashed her firecrotch again - i wonder how long before she does rehab stint #2?!?

not only is she exposing herself on the bottom - here she is with an unbuttoned shirt and no bra!

anyone out there who is hoping jael strauss will be america's next top model - should read this...

the miss usa pageant is quick to hop on the tara conner express since they're desperate for press!

when celebrities attack! this time it's keanu reeves who struck a paparazzi w/ his car!

a tabloid round-up that has everyone pegged as being preggers - the power of the stomach bump...

suri cruise is growing up so fast - she's even started walking! soon she'll be able to run away!

paris hilton has a new victim - oops i mean boyfriend! this time it's cutie josh henderson...

star jones went to eat at a restaurant & ordered one of everything on the menu! (insert joke here)

ronettes be my baby**what the buck?** an american idol update!

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