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eBelle5 the bag blog Date Added: January 19, 2007 Do you know what day it is - FRIDAY! Okay most of you I am sure have been long waiting for this day since your alarm clock woke you up in the early hours of Monday morning. Well that's how I have been feeling for the last 4 months with my messed up schedule of going to bed at 4:30 am and waking up around 11:ish. I am stuck in Seattle but living in a time zone ideal for one living in Russia. Anyway so yes, TGIF, which means it's time for your weekly Web Snob round up of great articles heard around the fashion blogosphere, enjoy. * Double your daily dose of the snob reviews. Bag Snob launched Beauty Snob. (You will not be disappointed) * Viva Italia! Shawn Henderson,'s Home and Garden Design Director, talks to Fashiontribes in a podcast interview about looking to Italy for home decor inspiration. * How to save Britney from herself. Second City Style has 6 Fashion Tips that could save the starlet. * Aesthetics + Economics takes a look at pastels for spring. * Silver is the easiest color to update your wardrobe with! Check out Bag Snob's latest Lanvin obsession. * Eva ponders the whereabouts of designer near and dear to her heart , Kate Sylvester, on Papierblog. * At the Golden Globes, it was all about earrings and large or multi-strand bracelets says The Jewelry Weblog. * Winter sun, beach chic. My Fashion Life finds the perfect beachwear for those escaping to warmer climates. * Bust-Haves:'s ultimate guide to finding the perfect bra for every body * Fashion illustrations by Saeko on Stylebites, find out how you can become a fashion illustrator too! * Stylehive - Get cozy chic with Henry Hall Designs Cocoon Hammock designed to hold up to 4 adults and perfect for stylish lounging. * kristopherdukes - Gift your boy gorgeously this 14th, a la Versace's spring '07 bag. Chat about this purse post in The Bag Forum

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