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T2B Shopping Topshop Experience and then Some

By Sasha

I just want to share that I finally had the time to check out a local **Topshop** located in Alabang Town Center yesterday. I was with two geeks but I still dragged them with me anyway. Heehee.

I’m glad to find that they’re offering a wide selection on tops and bottoms, from denim shorts and jeans to silk tubes and short skirts! I think I even saw this pair of shorts! They all looked gorgeous! I felt like grabbing that double breasted mod jacket and head straight to the counter! LOL.

Er, twas the price that made me put it back in the rack. It definitely kept my impulses in check. Hahaha. Next time, next time. I’m saving up for something waaaaay better than that jacket. Ha! You’ll see!

I settled for a white v-neck extended top (one that hugs your hips) and a pair of flip flops since all my other flip flops have been annihilated by Oscar, a little rascal of a dog. Had he not been sooo adorably cute, I could’ve pounded him, especially when he ruined my **RAZR’s charger!**

Ah, well — till my next shopping story. Heehee.

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