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A Skinny Model Rant

By Christina

With Fashion Week coming up, once again I keep hearing all of this talk about the skinny models, and anorexia and they are not eating healthy and this and that. I think I have mentioned before how I hate seeing someone that looks like a skeleton on the runway, I just don’t think it looks good. Someone obviously thinks they make great clothes hangers, but I get distracted looking at their knee and elbows and how they are bigger than their thighs. Gross.

Anyway, thats not my real rant. I have had a couple of friends over the years that spent their formidable years modeling, traveling the world, and from what I know from them and from my own life experiences and things I see and have seen, the problem is not anorexia, the problem is drugs. Hello? Why isn’t anyone talking about the drugs?

WWD is talking about how it isn’t the fashion industry’s fault these gals have eating disorders. Some blame it on Hollywood. I blame it on all the people that know full well that the whole industry (fashion AND Hollywood) is using hard drugs (crystal meth, cocaine, heroin) and is turning a casual eye to it. Wake up people. I guess its going to take another celeb overdose or two for we, as laymen, to pay attention to this problem and turn our suspicious eye towards the folks that are letting it go on.



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