Is Tyra Fat?


Is Tyra Fat?
Is Tyra Fat?

I've came across someone's blog, I can't remember the blog's name, otherwise I will put it here. It was talking about the Tyra's weight issue. Interestingly, while I am flipping through the channels tonight, I caught the show on CNN: Tyra fight back at "fat" attack.

As a model, she has never been the "trendy" one. She has never being super skinny all that but she was hot anyway. Why? Because she has the attitude that let her stand out of the fashion modeling crowd.

Honestly, I am not a big fan of her as a model, neither of her show: American's next top model. But I have to agree some of her point on her talk show. Because of the media imagine we have from magazines, from TV and all that, we are look down on ourselves constantly. Ironically, skinny girls are the biggest crowd that having an urge to lose weight. And that is just wrong.

I don't know why some people care about her weight anymore? She is not a model anymore, at least not a fashion model so she doesn't have to follow the standard rule anyway. I feel sorry for her, she admitted herself that she is having trouble having a date. And we all know why, right? When you are too gorgeous, when you are way up there, guys afraid of you. May be she should get little more weight so guys can look at her normal again?

There are many posts about her weight these days and I am just curious what ya think about it?

BTW... her official website looks awesome anyway!
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