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Introducing JENGELINA...oh My Word

By popbytes

good morning! below is a popbytes exclusive (oh my gosh i rarely use that word!) look at jengelina aka jennifer aniston photoshopped with a few subtle angelina jolie features which debuts in this week's **STAR** magazine! i totally had to do a double take on the first i thought it was real and jen had gone and lost her mind BUT this is an enhanced composite of the two ladies...i repeat this is merely a vision of what could be...if ms. aniston was actually a lunatic! who knows when this 'rivalry' between aniston & jolie will finally end?

maybe when jen finds herself a good man to be with (i'm sorry but vince vaughn just didn't cut it - she can totally do better) check out the poll below - my vote out of the three would be for jake gyllenhaal - they'd be a hot couple plus they were already in a movie together ('the good girl') anyways you must have a chuckle at the picture below - oh my word - what some of these magazines are coming up with these days is way too much! popbytes over & out for now...xxoo!

a friend says that jen goes through "dozens of scripts every week" but is rarely offered a top role. "the biggest offers jen gets are to do her own tv series," the friend says. "but she considers that a step back. and she's gotten some movie scripts that she's heard angelina is also considering, and she won't touch them. the last thing she wants is to compete with angelina - and then lose!"

PS check out this interview that jen did with people magazine...

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