Oh Yes - It's the Sarah Silverman Program!

hey kids! so i got an email the other day asking if i could possibly mention the upcoming show on comedy central called **the sarah silverman program** - my answer was immediately a yes - i love ms. silverman! her humor definitely isn't for everyone but gosh she cracks my shit up - she's so funny! i actually finally watched her jesus is magic film a few weeks ago and sarah had me in stitches! her new 'program' starts on feb 1st @ 10:30pm and is not to be missed...especially since her sister laura silverman also stars - you probably remember her as the lovely 'jane' on the comeback (gosh i miss valerie cherish) check out some sarah clips below - she's the best! popbytes over & out for now...xxoo!

step into the incredible world of sarah silverman as she goes about her life, which on any given day, can include taking in a homeless man, exploring her sexuality or encouraging a young girl to enter a pageant in order to fulfill her own childhood dreams.

sarah plays a character named sarah silverman whose absurd daily life is told through an array of scripted scenes and song. in each episode, sarah manages to fall into unique, sometimes unsettling and always hilarious predicaments, with her sister (played by real-life sister laura silverman), her geeky gay neighbors, brian and steve (brian posehn and steve agee) and officer jay (jay johnston) never far from her side.

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