Christina Ricci Vogued in Italy


Christina Ricci Vogued in Italy
Christina Ricci Vogued in Italy

good evening! i hope everyone had a lovely weekend...mine was just ok (long story) but luckily i took myself on a solo (leaving my 'annoyance' at home) shopping trip today and nabbed a few fun things including a new pair of red converse sneakers which i actually wore in elementary school...jeez louise those things never go out of style - i still see so many people wearing them! anyways since i'm not into football (at all) i missed the superbowl but i meant to catch prince's half-time performance but i didn't make it in time but from the noise coming from my upstairs neighbor it sounds like a good game! i don't even know who won?!? (ok yes i do - the colts)

yet i do know who is looking way hot in the january issue of italian vogue...oh yes it's christina ricci (no worries my PETA friends there's not a hint of fur anywhere) i already saw the scans on a few other blogs but the shots are so stunning i really wanted to showcase them here on popbytes! plus i'm very curious about her upcoming film black snake moan which marks the second time samuel l. jackson is in a film with slithery creatures in the title (gosh i fucking hate snakes...especially the small ones!) enjoy the delicious scans below - damn she looks so hot! popbytes over & out for tonight...xxoo!


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