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MIss Sixty Backstage amp Show ...

By dailyglam's

We arrived at the Miss Sixty show with a little time to spare so we got our backstage passes and decided to see who was milling around. Not long after we got there, Oscar winner Adrien Brody did a quick photo op in front of the Miss Sixty backdrop before slinking away to his front row seat.

Not long after Brody left, up-and-comer Camilla Belle (you might recognize her from the thriller When a Stranger Calls) hit the scene for some quick pics. She looked gorgeous in a black and white dress and hot black high heels.

Kelly Hu (she's on the new show In Case of Emergency) was the next celeb to sneak backstage wearing a fabulous gold top and jeans. She told me she loves Miss Sixty and was also looking forward to the Rock & Republic show later in the week.

Eve and Pink were the last stars to arrive and that's when the commotion really began. Eve took some photos and was immediately escorted away (she was performing later at the afer-party, maybe she needed to warm up!). Pink, in a strapless jean tube dress, was open to chatting and was smiling at all the photographers showing off her tattoos. (I bumped into her in the bathroom and overheard her making fun of how small-chested she was! Even stars are self-conscious!)

After star-gazing, we moved to the front of the house to take our seats for the fashion show. The runway, lighting, and music were hip and very fun. The clothes were VERY rock 'n' roll but still interesting and perfect for a night on the town. Check out some of the looks here:

Overall, the show was exciting. Can't wait for tomorrow's shows! Check back then!


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