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Taylor Idol Diva??

By popbytes

oh my gosh! are you freakin' kidding me?!? idol winner taylor hicks is being reported this week by **STAR** magazine as a big ol' diva! now i don't have anything against him...i could take him or leave him but if he is indeed a diva that's so lame since he has very little to be a diva about! popbytes over & out for now...xxoo!

paula has her own line of jewelry, and, star's source says, "she put together a little sample for everyone. she personally picked pieces that represented each person. taylor looked at his and rolled his eyes. he left the jewels on the table, and paula got upset. he's rude to everyone, including the judges."

"about a week after american idol, i changed management companies to the firm. they have been stellar in helping me to be the artist that i want to be." but american idol contestants are managed by 19 entertainment, unless they're bought out. so why was taylor cut loose? "no one on the show wanted him to win," star's source says. "staff and crew are allowed to vote - and almost no one voted for taylor. i believe he's no longer with 19 entertainment because of his prickly demeanor."

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