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Scissor Sisters - She's My Man - Video

By popbytes

hey kids! here's the brand new **scissor sisters** video for their third single she's my man which is one of my favorite tracks off their sophomore album ta-dah! (read some of the details about the video below) i hope everyone caught the band on passions this week although i'm not a huge fan of the show it was really fun to see them appear! i'm running out the door but i'll be back later - rock & blog on! popbytes over & out for now...xxoo!

Scissor Sisters are proud to present the new video for 3rd single from Ta-Dah: "She's My Man". Directed by Japanese artist Nagi Noda, the video uses the groundbreaking technique known as "Kuroko". This style of Japanese puppetry entails stagehands dressed all in black, manipulating both props and characters to create the illusion that camera angles and perspectives are changing.

Despite what you¹re seeing (or what you think you're seeing), we assure you that this video was filmed all in one take, no editing, no camera movement, no slow-motion or special effects (well, truth be told there IS one special effect, see if you can spot it!)

So enjoy the fruits of our labor, in full Scissorvision, with Ana Matronic channeling the spirit of New Orleans riverboat pirate Annie Christmas, slicing and dicing her male counterparts.

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