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Time for Some Lovapalooza

By Sasha

Celebrating Valentine’s, the norm is for couples **to go out on **romantic dates, i.e. candlelit dinner, complete with roses and chocolates or perhaps a trinket or two. But for some, this day means a chance to be part of something to break the world record — they join thousands of other couples kissing for one minute in Lovapalooza.

Yes. Lovapalooza is an annual event held all over the world on Valentine’s Day (or on any date close to it) and its sole purpose is to break a Guinness World Record by gathering as much couples as they can and have them kiss for a minute. (Current world record is around 5,300++ couples, I think)

In my country, it’s considered the biggest and most romantic kissing festival. The **Lovapalooza 2007** was held at the **SM Mall of Asi**a in Pasay City.

Newsbit: **Lovapalooza 2005**

Now, I’m a lot curious as to how many couples will participate in an event like this one. Has any of you ever been in one of these things? Come on — share!

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