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Does Suri Cruise Look like Chris Klein?

By popbytes

good morning! so **STAR** magazine this week is asking the question this week...does baby suri cruise look like the daughter of chris klein? oh you must remember him...he used to date (and was engaged to) kat(i)e holmes before she crossed over to the xenu / stepford side of things with tom cruise....even though the article clearly states that of course mr. cruise is suri's father but also has to point out the resemblance between the chris & suri - we so need a more fun paternity scandal since that anna nicole one is just a total mess served with a big side of sadness! (i don't even care to cover it here) pobytes over & out for now! oh man i need to go drop my car off to get new brakes...i do love having a car but when it comes to dealing with maintenance i hate it! check you all later...xxoo!

although there's no doubt that katie holmes' beautiful 10-month-old daughter, suri, was fathered by her hubby, tom cruise, it is a bit eerie how much suri kinda, sorta looks like katie's ex-fiance, chris klein - from the eyes, to the cheeks, to the pouty lips.

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