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Tracy Reese

By Camille

Happy Valentine's Day!

February is Black History Month. I believe that it is important to learn about where you come from and have awareness of who has opened doors for you. This month, I will be highlighting some of my favorite African American women fashion designers. These women are still very prominent in the fashion industry today, so it's more like Black Fashion Appreciation Month for StyleCrazy. I look up to these women and I know that I will be inspired by them for my future collections as well.

Tracy Reese is my absolute favorite designer. Feminine cuts, bold prints and colors, modern, yet classical is everything a feminine woman's fashion line should be. Ms. Reese's most recent collection was displayed at Bryant Park in New York. Her Fall 2007 collection was filled with the dark, bold colors of the season mixed with lighter colors to make it her signature 'feminine chic' look. The collection also featured her new line of shoes and handbags.

It seems as if it was meant for Tracy to be the fashion boss that she is today. From a very young age, she sewed garments with her mom. She became skilled at making apparel from sketching, to cutting, to the sewing. In the 1980's she attended the Parson's School of Design in New York. After graduation, she worked with a few pronounced designers, but she wanted to wanted to make designs of her own.

In 1993 she launced her Tracy Reese line. Shortly after, she propelled Plenty By Tracy Reese, a more whimsical line of apparel. Both collections are sold in crowning department stores including Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Bergdorf Goodman. In 2006, Tracy Reese opened her first flagship boutique of home decor. It includes her collection of garments along with her home furnishings.

Ms. Reese's style and concepts are truly flawless to me and I look foward to seeing and owning much more from her to come.
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