Fashion Week RoundUp

Thanks for all of our blog friend who has been reporting the 2007 New York fashion week! Because of you, our life is little easier.

Fashion Week RoundUp
Rachel Roy

Rachel Roy is probably most known for being the wife of hip-hop businessman, Damon Dash. But more than that, she's a fabulous fashion designer. In her runway show yesterday during New York Fashion Week, Roy's designs stayed true what she's most known for, combining modern looks with feminine, somewhat Victorian lines. Although Rachel Roy's designs are insanely expensive, I love her work. Her style is definitely a fashion inspiration.

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Heatherette 2007 Spring Fashion

To me, the Heatherette show reminds me of a few things:

1) The Heatherette boys went crazy with the Barbie clothing weaving looms.

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Narciso Rodriguez

Photo by New York magazine

Key Takeaways: Narciso Rodriguez has been experimenting with the same sleek, structured forms for the last few years, but his work appears fresh and innovative against a backdrop of designers moving from layering and volume to a long and lean silhouette. Key trends for both men and women included: slim silhouettes, geometric patterns, and colorblocking. Key women’s trends included sleeved and asymmetrical dresses and long gloves.

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Oscar de la Renta
Betsey Johnson
Marc Jacobs’ Gatsby-esque Fall 2007 collection
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