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Backstage with Kevin Ryan amp Frank Rizzieri at Thakoon ...

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Kevin Ryan and the **Aveda** hair team were on hand backstage at Thakoon creating low, sleek buns (which Kevin likened to a "loaf of bread") with asymmetrical parts. Key product? **Aveda Volu****mizing Tonic**.

For the runway, several of the 'dos were topped off with gorgeous diamond feather hairpins, and actual feather headbands and crowns, in the same iridescent green/black hue Thakoon used to fashion those 2 incredible feather skirts!

The hair was a perfect complement to the collection, and Kevin is absolutely hilarious and so much fun. Since it was so cold and dry that day, we spent some time talking about how to beat winter static and flyaways. He recommends a bit of creme or spray shine like **Aveda Brilliant Spray on Shine**. Then the talk turned to silicone, too much of which, according to Kevin, is "the devil's work! When it leaves, it takes all the natural moisture with it." Bottom line? It works, but just be careful and don't overdo it!

We chatted about heat styling tools and Kevin introduced me to **Frank Rizzieri**; the two are launching their own line of curling and straightening irons, called R Session, in April. They are quite unique and intriguing; one is a double barrel curling iron that looks rather like a tazer, another is a mini flat iron with little combs attached (but no clamp!), to take care of "wisps" and unruly roots. I saw them in action and can't wait for them to hit the stores!

Model Honorine was especially impressed with the flatiron, which smoothed out her roots in no time. Check out the photo at left to see this new tool at work on Honorine.

More info on R Session to follow as we get closer to the launch date. Next up, Derek Lam!

photos: top 3,, bottom 2, Beauty Addict

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