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The Models Are out to Get Us

By Designer

I keep arguing against the poutiness in models. It’s not just lingerie ads with sexy full lips, I haven’t clarified - no! it’s full on evil-eye-death-stare moody looks. Perhaps after this article settles in your minds I will have to re-run our last poll, on which your opinions were pretty close.

• • Sexy!: 44% (8)
• Fugly AND scary!: 22% (4)

• My smiling dog is cuter!: 33% (6)

Are Pouty Models Cute?

Total Votes : 18

Overall, anti-pout won over but just barely. More overwhelming responses were found in the previous poll, “Are Models Hot?” with a vote toward No! out of 46 total.

But now just see what I really am referring to when I say that pouty models are not attractive:

And now you see why I think designers want them to look ugly, especially with that Dior hair ‘do. Ugggghh. These ladies truly look like demons about to rip fashionistas’ and journalists’ throats out.

A smiling face does not attract from a fabulous (or otherwise) ensemble nearly as much as a monstrous freak which could shoot deathly lasers from its eyes any second. No. Or a model slash actress who could easily appear in a guest spot on a Joss Whedon show as the evil foe, and not need any makeup! Ha. I wish it were funny.

Why is this okay? Why do people think these women are pretty? I was pretty moody and sullen myself in high school, and you know what it got me? Well, not dates! If you looked like a runway model in your driver’s license photo, I’d bet you’d be even more embarrassed than with your current.

Stop the uglification of probably perfectly okay looking girls. Let’s not anymore treat models like objects bending to society’s will - it means we must let them eat and cease drug abusing as well!

I’m not sure if models are humans, too, but let’s allow them to be!

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