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PETA Protesters Nude up at Paris Fashion Week

By Isabelle

Another fashion week and another PETA protest, only this time anti-fur protesters managed to make it onto the catwalks... naked. Holding up banners bearing the PETA slogan "I'd rather go naked than wear fur", two female protesters stripped naked and attempted to disrupt the Valentino show before being "delicately" removed by officials, as referred to by news wire, Reuters.

At the Lacroix show, one naked protester was more successful actually making it all the way onto the catwalk while models tried to pose all around her. In an issue still dividing designers, earlier in the week Miuccia Prada, former PETA bete noire, told reporters she was bored of fur. Her first fur-free show in ten years earned her a bouquet of roses from the animal rights campaigners. In contrast, Jean-Paul Gaultier insisted it wasn't return to fur but a continuation. "Fur is a material that has not been replaced for the moment," he said. One thing is for sure, security must be pretty average if PETA supporters can get their hands on a ticket... those lucky buggers.

Click here see a video of the demonstrations.

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