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Drew Barrymore Gets Her JANE on

By popbytes

good evening! i was just talking the other day at work about 1992's 'erotic thriller' poison ivy (probably not the type of movie to talk about at your office too much) it's one of those silly campy flicks and drew barrymore is sinfully delicious as an obsessed teenager...gosh our ms. barrymore sure has come a long way since then - her whole life has certainly been one of the more interesting ones amongst hollywood celebrities (she's a total free spirit) girlfriend has been to the edge and back again (why can't britney spears hang out with cool chill people like drew?) now she's the latest face for the march issue of **jane** magazine - i simply adore the photo they picked for the cover - not your typical covershot but let's not forget drew is not your typical covergirl! (plus the logo being a drop transparent is a nice design touch) read up on some of drew's choice quotes below from jane's interview! popbytes over & out for tonight...i'm so happy tomorrow is friday - xxoo!

PS i totally want to be an 'instant vixen' - i'm all over page 54!


ON BEING THE GODMOTHER OF FRANCES COBAIN, DAUGHTER OF COURTNEY LOVE AND KURT COBAIN "Courtney and I have not seen each other in a while, so I haven't had the pleasure of being in Frances' life for a few years. That's a great loss for me, and I hope to reconnect with her."

ON HER MOTHER "I think my mom is a good person. Maybe we haven't had a traditional relationship, but as I get older, I'm able to enjoy her more, because I'm not looking at her as a mom but more as a friend."

ON HAVING A FAMILY AND GETTING OLD "I would definitely like to have a family one day. I don't know when or with who, but I don't picture myself alone and bitter...When I get old, I am not going to be wearing polyester pants. I'm going to wear old Levi's and Birkenstocks. And hopefully I'll have enough hair to wear braids."

ON POLITICS "I wasn't raised in a household that talked about politics...I'm a Democrat and a liberal but I will vote Republican if I think it's for the better candidate. There are Republicans out there I really respect."

ON WHAT SHE WANTS HER KIDS TO BE LIKE "I would love for them to become adults who have a positive effect whether that's through kindness or if they are scientists or humanitarians or entertainers ... if they give something back. The last thing I want is a selfish child."

ON HER FRIENDS "Beyond any [romantic] relationship I've ever had, my friends are the ones who have been consistent rocks in my life. They make me feel like everything will be okay."

ON LEADERSHIP ROLES AND GENDER "Men and women are extremely different creatures, period. The older I get, the more I giggle about it. But I would like, as an experiment, to let women run things for a while. What could it hurt? Just try it! If it's as bad or worse than it is now, we could go right back to the system we've got."

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