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BuddyTV Interview with Kathleen DuJour ...

By ingrid

Well, Kathleen is out of the competition, but there’s always interviews to keep us informed. BuddyTV has an exclusive interview with the funny Kathleen DuJour!

The big thing last night was doing the photo shoots for the different political issues. How did you feel about how that whole scene was portrayed on the show and how do you feel about the anti-fur issue right now?

Well, the way it was portrayed on the show I think it didn’t really…you know a lot of editing was done, I feel like, that didn’t describe me as a whole, you know? And with the whole anti-fur thing I’m going to stick to what I said, you know, fur is beautiful. I tried to tell them that, you know, if an animal is dead then why not use the fur? But then I think it’s wrong to kill an animal to make fur out of it, you know? And I think they just got that so mixed up.

Were there any specific moments that were edited out that you wish they had shown last night?

Oh definitely. There was a time where J. Alexander came and he asked me, “Well, what are your favorite top designers?” And you know I gave it to him like, during boot camp it was like 1, 2, 3 you can’t even think about it, tell me your top designers. And I spit them all out to him and that wasn’t even on the show, you know?

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