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Liz Hurley's Wedding - the Latest Rumours ...

By Kimberley

We may act like we couldn't care less about Liz Hurley's wedding to Indian tycoon, Arun Nayar, but clearly we do. As the countdown begins to the blessed union, conflicting reports about what the bridal party will be wearing (will it be Versace?) are sending the rumour mill into overdrive. Here's the latest speculation...

- **Versace or Rohit Bal? **
Despite parading, what appeared to be a wedding dress disguised in a Versace bag for the paparazzi to witness, the Guardian claims that it's actually Indian designer, Rohit Bal, who has been given the task to design Liz Hurley's wedding sari... yes, I said sari.

- Men to wear turbans, women to wear pink saris?
The London Paper is speculating that wedding guests will be asked to wear turbans and pink saris, this may be true as other rumours claim that Hurley has chosen "shocking pink" as her signature wedding colour.

- Camels and elephants?
Okay, so some media outlets may be taking the whole Indian-theme a little too far with predictions of camels and elephants appearing in the wedding celebrations. Then again, if you have squillions of money why not spend it on large foreign beasts to use as your own personal wedding transportation?

- Liz wants pigs, cows and sheep as wedding gifts?
This may not be exactly new goss but it's still really bizarre and therefore worth a mention. According to the tabloid goss, Hurley put organic farm animals on the top of her wedding gift list to help kick start her organic farm. I can just see how the wedding cards will read - "Congratulations Lizzy and Arun on finally becoming husband and wife. We hope this organic sheep brings you many years of happiness and makes you even more squillions of money!"

- Where the heck did the Gosford Park theme come from?
Grazia magazine reported last week that Hurley had adopted a Gosford Park theme for her wedding and since then we've heard zilch about it. Perhaps it's because the wedding is set in the English countryside with a lot of rich people in attendance that they jumped to this conclusion.

- Guests forced to sign confidentiality agreements?
Hurley reportedly sent confidentiality agreements along with her invites to her guests. Well, I guess it's worked otherwise I wouldn't be writing this right now. Are the latest rumours true or not? Only time will tell...

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