CQ Favourite Girls Beth Ditto Outfit


CQ Favourite Girls Beth Ditto Outfit
CQ Favourite Girls Beth Ditto Outfit

Thursday the 8th March is International Women's Day, when Shiny will launch a brand new women's blog. On Catwalk Queen we couldn't let the day pass without celebrating the women who tickle our sartorial funny bones. Gemma professed her love for Zooey Deschanel yesterday, and now it's my turn to go on about how cool Beth Ditto is. First off The Gossip make the best pop music ever while managing to be as punk as can be, and are total breath of fresh air when every indie band seems to be identikit 'four guys and a guitar' groups. Watch her duet with Jarvis Cocker at the Brits above, for further proof of her coolness, which is why I've picked an outfit based on her look. See after the jump for picture and product details.

Torrid have good plus size clothing and accessories, like this dress. Rein in your belly and show off your curves with Hot Topic's belt, which will look great with the dress. Evans have enlisted a Cordwainer's College student to design their Sophie shoe, and it shows: the shoe is gorgeous and unusual. Profess your love for Beth's home state of Oregon (not pictured) with Naughty Secretary Club's pendant necklace and Accessorize's yellow bangle gives a flash of colour. If anyone's listening, I want these Tatty Devine earrings; they look great with the outfit and you can get people to call you 'Swallow Heart' like they did in prison.

Black ivory print dress, Torrid: $68. Red Sophie wedge, Evans: £40. Belt with black bow, Hot Topic: $16. State pride necklace, Naughty Secretary Club: $16. Swallow earrings, Tatty Devine: £24. Yellow bangle, Accessorize: £8.

CQ's favourite girls: Zooey Deschanel l Georgina Goodman for Evans at Shoewawa

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