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This Lady Loved Anne Hathaway ...

By Editor

Guest Blogger, Designer Ella:

I had to come here to say my piece about Anne Hathaway’s dress. Everyone hated it - I don’t understand that. I loved Anne’s gown! Certain people say it’s matronly, but it’s just my own style; feminine and romantic - classy and not revealing. I do feel personally insulted … and afraid of the possibility of having fame one day and consistently being ragged on. I have a style, and for important events, I always stick to it. Why change for others?

Shame, shame on the critics. I must write this, you hear me, for all those like I am. Why is it that fashionistas gang together against perfectly fine fashion? Let’s get individual opinions. I applaud Sarah Jean Snarker for standing up for Jennifer Hudson’s bolero - we need standout voices like that!

Back to the actual dress. By Valentino, it was a simple yet detailed strapless number with a black bow framing the neckline and continuing to accentuate Anne’s waist. Very flattering. Form fitting white lace flowed to a fuller ankle.

The jewels; earrings of dangling diamonds—Anne was beyond correct to not add a necklace to her already-adorned chest—and rows on rows of diamond bangles. Perfection.

Hathaway’s a bit more of a simple, humble celebrity with a friendly appearance. No vamp glam or revealing lines would be right for her. This - was right.

Photo source: Yahoo! Movies

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