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Sporty Spice Holding up Spice Girls Reunion ...

By bumpshack

Melanie Chisholm, better known as Sporty Spice,is holding up a potentially lucrative Spice Girls reunion. However, the rest of the Spice Girls and former manager **Simon Fuller **believe they can persuade her to join up for another world tour.

In an exclusive chat, Fuller told The London Eye Baby and Ginger have scheduled a meeting with Sporty, 33, in the next couple of weeks, where they will try to get her on side.

“The only person showing any reluctance is Mel C. She thinks her solo career is bigger than the band, which is just not the case. She needs to wise up and realise a reunion would be amazing for everybody concerned. Emma and Geri are meeting her soon to discuss everything and convince her to finally sign a deal.”

The girls won’t record any music and the reunion will only last for around six months. They will tour, make a good amount of pounds, then head back to their families.

“But now there’s a new generation of Spice Girls. They all have babies apart from Mel C so they won’t be coming back full-time.

The mid 90’s were dominated by the Spice Girls’ ‘Girl Power’ and were role models to millions of prepubescent girls all over the world.

The Spice Girls were one of the most commercially successful girl groups of all time, selling in excess of 53 million albums.

In March 1998 Geri left the band, claiming exhaustion, and in February 2001 the remaining members announced they were going their separate ways.

Spice Girls Members
Victoria Beckham- Posh Spice
Geri Halliwell- Ginger Spice
Melanie Brown- Scary Spice
Emma Bunton- Baby Spice
Melanie Chishom- Sporty Spice

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