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A no One Takes Your Freedom Mashup

By popbytes

good morning! gosh the days just fly by - it's already thursday and time for another mashup selection from my pal **DJ paul v.** who this week brings us a mashup filled to the brim & overflowing plus it also samples one of my favorite songs ever...**george michael**'s 'freedom' - and to boot it also has my darling scissor sisters mashed up alongside the beatles with a drop of aretha franklin! even with four different tunes - it flows perfectly like one kick-ass song! i know you guys will totally enjoy this one - popbytes over & out for now...xxoo!

This week, we dip our toes into the golden vault of mashups, and give a whirl toone of the early works created by the supremely talented **DJEarworm**. This was actually the first mash I ever heard by him, and I was hooked immediately. As is his style, this one is a flawless, multi-layered pastiche - it's the Scissor Sisters vs. The Beatles vs. George Michael, with some Aretha belting it home.

listen to **DJ Earworm - 'No One Takes Your Freedom'** (.mp3 9.8mb)

Enjoy! - DJ Paul V.

PS to my LA peeps - DJEarworm is our special guest at Bootie LA on Saturday night 3/3 at The Echo, and he'll be giving away copies of his new book, 'The Audio Mashup Construction Kit.' Come check it out!

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