Four More Get Booted from 'American Idol' ...

Four more contestants on **American Idol **got the boot on Thursday night. Two girls and two guys exited the stage for the final time. Here is a run down of those who were voted off this week.

Nick Pedro- A good singer, but not good enough to stay with the big boys. Nick didn’t stand out, but he did a great version of a couple of old Frank Sinatra songs. Season six was Nick’s second time to be on the show. Don’t look for Idol to give him another shot next year.

A.J. Tabaldo- I believe Sanjaya should have been ousted before A.J., but I was never impressed by A.J. either. A.J. might have been too short and feminine to resonate with the American public.

Alaina Alexander- This was a shocker to me. She is hot and talented. Not the best singer but a lot better than many of the girls who remain. Her fatal flaw might have been singing a Dixie Chicks song. The American people vote for the winners of Idol unlike the Grammy Award voters. The Dixie Chicks are still very much hated across the majority of the country. That is the only explanation I can come up with for Alaina being voted off the show.

Leslie Hunt- She looked out of place without her dogs. I don’t understand how she made it to Hollywood. I am sure she is a nice girl but it looks like she is singing karaoke at a sorority party after about three drinks.

Sanjaya Malakar is totally outmatched in this competition. He can’t even find clothes to fit him. He should last one more week max. I like the kid. He just seems extremely overwhelmed by his peers and the judges.

I am glad my girl Antonella Barba gets to hang around for another week. Antonella’s BJ photos saved her this week because Alaina Alexander blew her out of the water. If a sex tape of Antonella makes the internet she could win this competition….now that would be rather humorous.

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