Marchesa Talent or Connections?


Marchesa Talent or Connections?
Marchesa Talent or Connections?

Marchesa bosses Keren Craig and Georgina Chapman were interviewed in the New York Times recently about their collections, background and speedy success. The label has quickly become a permanent fixture on the red carpet: 'Right now there is a buzz around those girls,' said Sally Singer, the fashion features director of Vogue. 'Because their collection is popping up on all the right people, it has become part of a club. People want to wear them.' This might have something to do with Chapman's relationship with Hollywood boss Harvey Weinstein who is known for being able to make or break careers. The dress on the left is an archetypal Marchesa look, pretty, feminine not too avant-garde. In a word, perfect for the Oscars. See after the jump for a more adventurous Marchesa look.

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Funnily enough, Weinstein doesn't seem to think his power has exerted any influence over the Marchesa-wearing Oscar wannabes: 'The people who say things like that are just jealous,' he said. 'It takes away from the talent that Marchesa has exemplified.' Come Oscar night I'd love to see someone desperate enough for a Hollywood career that they end up donning Marchesa's black catsuit.

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