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Who Loves 'the L Word'

By popbytes

hey kids! i seriously hope everyone has been keeping up with the 4th season of **the L word** over on **showtime**! i had never watched the series until this year but once i started watching it and got into the groove of the kick-ass characters (the cast totally rocks) i was totally hooked! (plus i ended up subscribing to showtime) one day i'm going to sit down and plow through the first three seasons on DVD! also make sure to check out the show's website - there's a ton of cool content!

as the show marches on to its season finale i have some 'L word' swag (listed below) to toss out! oh yes you know the drill...whoever emails me first at with the correct answer to this question wins the goods...which cast member had a pop duo band in the 90's - what's her name plus the name of the now defunct group? (i was actually a huge fan) i'll update this post as soon as i have a winner - good luck! popbytes over & out for now...xxoo!

UPDATE congrats to popbytes reader traci who correctly answered leisha hailey who was part of the murmurs! rock on - i'll try to have more toss outs soon...

season #1 on DVD
2007 calendar
black tank top
tan baseball cap
season 4 extra large poster

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