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CQ's Favourite Girls Shingai Shoniwa of the Noisettes

By Isabelle

Shingai Shoniwa is the third wonderful woman in our series this week, a third in our series and a third of upcoming UK band The Noisettes. Possesed with a remarkable voice that veers from an exuberant growl to a softly crooning lullaby Shingai is a breath of fresh air in the UK indie scene. Shingai first wanted to be an actress, and for a while joined the Lost Vagueness crew as a burlesque performer and co-creator of the now legendary 'Golden Egg Routine': "she'd do a strip-tease" Shingai remembers "getting rid of all the feathers and then she lays a golden egg on a little nest, literally out of her vagina.' She's also prone to theatrics herself, climbing speaker stacks and dangling from lighting rigs which comes from the circus skills training she had at her local Deptford youth club. See after the jump for more pictures and a Shingai-inspired outfit.

I've taken Zara's lame skirt and made it a little younger with some aubergine leggings. The raspberry cardigan goes with the leggings and looks great cinched in with the vintage belt. Shingai doesn't always wear shoes but I think she might wear these beauties from Poste Mistress; again if you're feeling generous, I want them. Some yellow earrings add a burst of acidity to the outfit, and the exclamation marks made by the beads remind me of Shingai's exuberence.

Gold link belt, Candy Says: £14. Ruched waisted cardigan, Topshop: £30. Lame skirt, Zara: £49. Aubergine leggings, American Apparel: £18. Yellow earrings, Naughty Secretary Club: $18. Navy band shoes, Poste Mistress: £89.99.

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