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Welcome Some Man Blood to Beauty amp Style

By Christina

Mike is the first of what I am *hoping* is two new men joining our great channel here at b5media, and he has joined this morning with The Daily Tee - a blog about (3 guesses and the first two don’t count) - tshirts! Groovy t-shirts are soooo popular these days, and I hope you will keep an eye on The Daily Tee for some great ideas! Please stop by The Daily Tee and say hello!

Just so you know, we have a couple more openings for new blog ideas - feel free to pitch one to me, and we also have recently opened up things a little bit so others can join b5media with their own blogs as well. If you have an established WordPress beauty or fashion blog (or are willing to switch to one), and you think you might be interested in joining us over here, either to make a little extra income, or just cause you love us and would like to join the community - please feel free to shoot me an email to and we can talk about the possibilities.

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