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2 of 5 Bosses Don't Keep Their Word

By Nancy

A recent study at the** “Florida State University”** showed that…**“Nearly two of five bosses don’t keep their word!” ** The College surveyed more than 700 working people (including men and women)in variety of jobs, asking how their bosses treat them. Overall, only an astonishing 40-45 percent were content with their jobs!!

42 percent of workers said their boss **failed to keep promises. **
31 percent said their boss gave them the “silent treatment.” (which employees know that it’s a “no” or to their disadvantage)
37 percent said their boss failed to give credit when due.
24 percent said their boss invaded their privacy.

Job Researchers warn that…”Employees stuck in this sort of job tension, and feel they deserve better, Should leave their boss! “No abuse should be taken lightly.”

On a better and different note, 30 percent said they offered additional tasks, such as working longer or on weekends, (tried being nice…and loyal to their company when needed) AND it worked!! They **were **generally satisfied with their job!!

One group at a large firm told me……**“We bypass the boss or supervisor, (whenever we get irritated) and think positive!!…A good working environment, with lots of fun buddies around is often more important!!”**

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