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Ever since I installed the stumble bar, I am hooked! Finding cool websites never been so easy! One of my interests is photography although I am pretty shitty at taking them. But we all love beautiful things, right? So this week I am going to share few bookmarks I made in the past week.

Kenneth Parker Photography

Love travel? Love natural power? Love Kennethparker's photography

James Nachtwey- Winess

I had a hard time deciding which one to sample. Every one of them are shocking and touching in a different way.

Luke Duval Photography

Discover celebrities personal photographers work shop...

Laura Racero Portfolio

If you love 3D, this might be your next desktop resource...

Andrei Nacu

I don't know why that I have this line in my mind ...
"quite and loud ..."

Photoblog from Muskoka

So colorful... The most beautiful color is from mother nature.

Michael Albert

Photo from Michael Albert Asian Gallery (Those picks are from the same city, yes, they are)
It's all about life... life in Asia...
Some of those pictures from where I came from ... and yes, I cried...

This is all I have for the week...

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