Style Needs Education

Back couple weeks ago, we had a poll about your personal style. The winner of that poll was: "It's all about me, whatever fits me!". Surely, it was a good sigh. Dilly from What Every Woman Needs in Her Wardrobewrote: "Fashion should not be work. Fashion is a form of art – when art becomes work, it no longer is artistic. "

Where does style come from? There are people who has a great body shape, that means, without even trying, style is out there. Such as fashion models. They might not knowing what to wear but fortunately, their body knows. And there are people who get themselves educated, by that means learning all the fashion trends and their body shape, then knowing what fits the best for them. Thus, create their very own style. Most of us are in the second group which means personal style comes from education. If you have never tried once, how do you know whether it does or does not fit you, right?

Getting educated in fashion and start create your own style doesn't mean you have to spend all your money. Best amount all, is just try them on! How many of you never try any cloth in store before you buy it? If you are one of them, that means you have been sitting in your comfort zone way too long. (You always pick up the same style cloth, even worse, you don't go to store unless you need something.) Take a little time and try them on in the store before you pay it. Only pay for things that worth for you to keep.

I also do researches online, watch TV and read magazine to get what I need to educate myself. Knowing platform is hot in this season and choose not to buy it because it doesn't really fit in my closet verse doesn't have it because I don't know it is hot are two different style level. Been a label and trendy slave is a sad thing, been a fashion noob is also a sad thing for women.

Back to the art. How many artists are talent enough that they don't need to practice at all to create their master piece. Little or none, right? In order for you to understand whether oil paint fits you or water based paint fits you, you have to do the basics and practice your skill, right? Same as fashion. You have to train your eyes and your brain before you come to a conclusion what is the best.

So, style needs education, that how fashion survived. Plus, getting educated in fashion is such a fun thing to do, so why not?

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