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On My Face

By Fashion

Gotta keep that skin right! Wash, mousturize, tone, exfoliate, cover, blend, remove, blot, mask, pamper.... So much to do with your face. Here is what I do to mine to keep it nice and pretty...

I thought I would share with your pretties what makes my face so pretty ;) After 26 years on this earth I have finally found products that work for me (for right now at least). I am a product happy person so virtually anything can change my mind. However I have been on this routine for about 9 months and my skin has never looked better.

I also use- which isn't on this list is Barielle skin whitener, no I am not going all Michael Jackson on you... Its a great cream if you have any darker spots on your face; maybe its a little scar or some random skin discoloration that is pissing you off. I also use MD Skincare spot treatment for the occasional blemish (gets them gone FAST). AND for mornings when my eyes are puffy I turn to Barielle again with their AM Puffy Eye Cream.

What do you all use on your face? Try to sway me to try a new product... I dare you.

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