Database Your Wardrobe with Dress Assistant


Database Your Wardrobe with Dress Assistant
Database Your Wardrobe with Dress Assistant

Ever since I saw Alicia Silverstone's computerised, rotating wardrobe in the 1995 flick, Clueless, I wanted one! True, I didn't nearly enough clothes to fill one (I was 12 years old at the time) nor did I have daddy's bulging bank account to supply me with one, but we can all dream, right? Fast forward to 2007 and that dream can now be a reality. Thanks to geniuses at Software de Arte, you can now digitally record and create an entire database of everything in your closet thanks to a new program called Dress Assistant. Hurrah, finally! [Via Geeksugar]

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With Dress Assistant you can digitally capture all of the items in your wardrobe and mix and match them with other items to create outfits, just like Cher. The downloadable program allows you to virtually venture into the depths of your closet and as soon as you've purchased something new you can add it to the rest of your collection. Unfortunately at this stage Dress Assistant is only available for Macs (damn!) but do not despair, a PC version is scheduled for release later this year. For once, I could quite happily fall into the "geek" category along with the rest of my Shiny crew.

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