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And You Thought a Fashion Mag Editor Barely Eats during Fashion Week

By Sarah

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About a month ago, we posted about how New York Magazine followed the diets of four people fom the fashion world during New York's Fall 2007 Fashion Week. With all of the hype about skinny models and low BMIs, we would have expected to see the diets of the two models to include pretty much just water and uh, water? We were wrong. As it turns out, it was the fashion magazine editor who ate the least!

Well, I'm here to surprise us even more! It seems that a fashion and food blogger eats almost as little as a magazine editor! Yes, kittens, I decided it would be fun to do the same thing while covering LA Fashion Week last week so I kept track of everything I ingested (except a few bottles of water here and there) for the five days of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

Based on my diet I think I'm okay as a fashion blogger, but I might have lost my street cred as a food blogger! I rarely ate breakfast other than coffee and vitamins, I ate a few salads for lunch, almost nothing for dinner. The detailed diary is over on Slashfood.
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