Project Catwalk 2 Wedding Dresses and the Final Three


Project Catwalk 2 Wedding Dresses and the Final Three
Project Catwalk 2 Wedding Dresses and the Final Three

Time for an update on what's happening with the current crop of designer hopefuls in Project Catwalk season two. This week saw the designers embark on one of the toughest challenges yet: the wedding dress. Not only did they have the usual ridiculously short amount of time in which to make it, this dress would be deciding which of our four remaining designers would make it into the final three to create a collection for London Fashion Week and compete for the glory and prizes. As always, spoilers ahead, so only click below if you're ready to find out who the finalists are...

This week the designers are working with another celeb client, creating a wedding dress for TV presenter Holly Willoughby. Holly briefs them that she doesn't like white and doesn't want a traditional wedding dress. She wants colour, she wants something themed and something a little outrageous.

As well as having that rather vague briefing, each designer has all of two minutes each to consult with their client, and the usual ten hours in which to design and create their garment. Oh, and this time they'll be working at tables within Debenhams department store on Oxford St, London. And they'll have to have their dresses finished in time to display them in the store windows on the morning of the catwalk show. And they're stopped part way through to be told they'll have to incorporate something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue and have to go out hunting for items.

You can probably tell form my tone that something I've found really frustrating with this series is just how challenging the challenges are. The producers add in so many unexpected twists and odd turns, that the designers don't get a very good opportunity to really show what they can do. Being a new designer with a limited budget, time constraints and tasked to design to a specific brief is hard enough.

Right, rant over, on to the dresses...

Monika, despite her choice of hat ('Nora Batty' said Grazia's Paula Reed), was the winner of the challenge with this dramatic v-neck gown with an unusually-shaped skirt.

Wayne was the most daring in his use of colour, going for black and cream. While the dress is lovely, and the fanned chiffon detailing at the bust is very pretty, the judges felt his dress was a bit costumey and wasn't appropriate for a wedding.

Luke, up against it time-wise as usual had a very detailed panelled bodice and a rather uninspired and unfinished skirt. As much as I hate to say it, I think his dress was the weakest on the day as it looked not just unfinished, but ill-fitting and not particularly interesting.

Giles went for a deconstructed look that he called '50s inspired. I can see what he was going for, and some elements of it are very pretty, but he didn't quite hit it and was sent home.

This week we also saw Luke's finished dress from last week on Myleene Klass as she'd loved it on the catwalk and wanted to wear it to her concert at the Royal Albert Hall. It's great to see Luke dressing a celeb already, and this coming on the heels of Caprice's selection of his lingerie for her collection the previous week makes me think that, even if he doesn't win the competition, his work will definitely be in demand.

On the whole, I don't think the designers, or the show, this season have been up to the standard of last season, but I'm still looking forward to seeing what Luke, Wayne and Monika come up with for their final show next week.

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