Size Zero-Schmero at Milan Fashion Week

This is what we would refer to as "baby steps" for the fashion industry. While Italian designer, Elena Miro is no stranger to Milan Fashion Week she still is the only "plus size" label to appear on the event's schedule or in a major European fashion show, full stop. This is Miro's fourth collection for Milan Fashion Week, kicking off the event with a show featuring floaty frocks with waist belts, cropped jackets and skirts, leggings and berets. Designing clothes for women beginning at size 42 (European), label spokesman Mauro Davico claimed their sizing to be normal "because it is the average women's size."

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Following a recent spate of model deaths from eating disorders, the Italian government and two fashion associations signed a code of ethics to promote "a healthy and generous image of beauty". Nevertheless, despite Miro's show it is unlikely that we'll see any more "average" size models on Milan's catwalks. Ironically, nearly 60 per cent of clothing sales in Italy are for women size 40 (European) and over.This equals to a size 12 (UK) and size 10 (US). Go figure, or not, as the case may be.

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