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Monday was horrifically cold but the backstage area at Thakoon was warm and bustling!

Lancome's International Artistic Director, Gucci Westman Neville, created a gorgeous look that was "clean, but still with a certain intensity in the eye." I had a chance to chat with her and watch as she worked her magic.

The eye was pink and brown with a bit of shimmer; and what made it so interesting was that the pale pink shade was placed closest to the lashline, with darker shades of pink and brown blending outward. It gave the eye a floating, feathery effect that was perfect for Thakoon's collection (which included feathered headbands and 2 feather skirts!).

Two of the shadows - a flat pink and a gold pink - were from the **Stylish Neutrals Artist Palette**. And the others were from the not-yet-released Destiny Cube, which I am just itching to get my hands on.

Cheeks were a soft pink achieved by blending two shades of Magique mousse blush, one of which was **Pink Parfait**. And lips were a slightly glossy nude with a dab of silver in the center. Silvery nude is definitely a trend for Fall; we'll talk more about this at the end of the week!

Next up, Kevin Ryan for Aveda talks flatirons, flyaways, and silicone vs. silica!

photos: Beauty Addict, Lancome

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