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Doves Look like Summer Feel like Summer Contest

By Christina

Don’t you just love Dove? They have been on the cutting edge of what women want for a long time, and they know we always love a contest!

Coinciding with the launch of their brand new line of “moisturizers with subtle self tanner,” Energy Glow, they have a new essay contest, Look Like Summer, Feel Like Summer, in which they ask women to write essays about “summer experiences that make them glow.” The winners get their choice of 5 vacations, and the possibility of a photo shoot in NYC and a big day of beauty and fashion.

If you are into self tanners like I am, you might want to know a bit more about them - they have just launched them this week and they have the improved Beauty Body Lotion with Subtle Self-Tanners with 50% more moisturizers, and new Facial Moisturizers with a Touch of Self-Tanner. Both moisturizers are available in two shades for fair to medium and medium to dark skin tones, and boast a great fragrance - which is the downfall of so many self tanners. I can’t wait to try them - I am about as pasty as can be this time of year, and someday soon (*dreaming*) it is gonna be back to shorts and tank tops weather for me. Let me know if you have tried these, and what you think!

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