How to Sell on EBay II


How to Sell on EBay II
How to Sell on EBay II

So, we've got an account and ready to sell. But wait, before you put your auction on, there are few things you might want to check out so you can sell it faster at a better price.

Do a search
Do a search for the stuff you are going to sell. Say you have some children cloth to sell because your kid has grown out of them, now, do a search in your eBay browser for "children cloth", "baby cloth", or any relative keywords you could think of.

What are you looking for?
Once you get your search results, you can almost tell immediately whether the item you are going to sell is popular or not. Is it demand more than supply? If there are few hundreds pages of children cloth with few biddings, you might want to save your auction fee and try your luck with garage sell.

Another thing you are looking for is the right category. See what category most sellers list their similar items at will save you lots of time to browser through the list and find the one that suits you the best. Make sense?

Although bid on something and buying something is really not necessary, I'd practice the "pre-buy" process just to know how buyers will get to an item and help you to understand how you can get them to the item you are about to list.

Once you know people do need your item and where to put them under, you can then go ahead and try to get your feet wet.

We will put on an auction step by step with you in the next entry so stay tuned.
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