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I was so excited to get the chance to see Tom Pecheux at work again this season. Tom always creates such gorgeous looks, and the skin - oh, the skin! Nobody does skin like Tom.

For Derek Lam, Tom used **Shiseido products** to create a look that was "very urban," but still feminine. He used matte cream foundation - Shiseido Dual Balancing Foundation - and as usual, the skin was flawless.

Lower lids were the focus of the look. Upper lids were bare, and lashes mascara-free, but lower lids sported a winged swath of black liner and a dusting of slate grey shadow. This is a continuation of the trend we saw last season, where much of the focus moved from the upper to the lower lid. I love it!

Lips were muted, but stained in the center with a sheer cherry color, slightly glossy. The product Tom used was a newbie that wasn't even in its final packaging yet! It's a great gloss stick and will be available later in the year - I'll keep you posted, of course.

Now, how 'bout that hair? This is easily my favorite runway hairdo this season, and it was created by the amazing Orlando Pita. The best part was watching how quickly he worked. In a matter of minutes he brushed, parted, twisted, and pinned hair into this amazing style, crisscrossed with narrow leather ribbons. It looks "bondage" but still delicate and pretty!

Next up, hair, makeup, and special NAIL coverage from Behnaz Sarafpour. Stay tuned!

photos: top 3,; bottom 2, Beauty Addict

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