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Donna Karan Qampa

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Donna Karan Q&A

Fashionably late for the Room to Grow Gala, Donna Karan, clad in signature black, did a brisk pose for the camera and then bolted into the ballroom. Luckily, we were wearing our running shoes that night. We caught up with the classic Karan and asked some questions about her upcoming collection and personal style. While her answers were as quick as her race down the red carpet, Donna's demeanor was as lovely as one of her gowns.

How did you become involved with this charity (Room to Grow)?

DK: They called us. I know so many people involved and all I've heard are the most amazing things about it. You know helping children, what could be better than that?

Describe your personal style in three words?

DK: My style? Comfortable. Sensual. Comfortable and sensual, ummm. Comfortable and sensual! I think I got it.

Next week is Fashion Week. What's on your mind 7 days out?

DK: Um. Thank God it turned cold! I'm hoping my fabrics come in! [laughs]

How would you describe this season's collection?

DK: New York. The lights of the city.

Do you have any favorite models on or off the runway to work with?

DK: I'm not very good at that!

How do you unwind from fashion week?

DK: Go away. Travel!

Who, in your opinion, epitomizes style?

DK: Uma. And I really mean that. And I'm not just saying that just because we're at her event. I really do. Because if I have to say that any woman represents how I feel inside my heart, it would be Uma.

Your favorite red carpet moment:

DK: Cate Blanchett when she was pregnant.

What is the color for spring?

DK: I'm really liking neutrals.

Let's talk shoes. Who are some of your favorites?

DK: Hmmmm. I like Azzedine Alaia.

What's your favorite book?

DK: My favorite book? My Kabbalah book. 72 Names of God.

What's your favorite food?

DK: My cookies.

What's your favorite word?

DK: What's my favorite word? Um. What's my favorite word? Love.


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