Who Wants to See Kelly Osbourne Naked?

hey hey! oh i had another long day that still isn't over! i picked up my parents who arrived at LAX tonight and now we're just settling into some dinner and tomorrow i've got another big day planned - there is no rest in sight! so i'm sure you all heard by now that kelly osbourne was rejected from being in playboy magazine! hugh hefner said i can't see it happening somehow - we don't airbrush to that extent... (oh man she got so burned by hef!) so our clever & talented pal david gilmore from **pretty on the outside** whipped up what the photo spread might have looked like...i wonder if mom sharon and dad ozzy would approve? (and how about brother jack? i've been having fun watching him (along with latoya jackson) on armed & famous) anyways i'm over & out for tonight - much love to all as always - xxoo!

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