Bodymetrics a Quest for the Perfect Jean

By Deidre

Bodymetrics a Quest for the Perfect Jean

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Imagine for a moment, the lure of the perfect fit. Of never having to wonder if the new jeans you ordered in your usual size will be too big, too small or just right. That's the appeal of Bodymetrics, a system that scans your body to make a perfect 3D computer copy of you. From there, the folks at Bodymetrics can create your perfect jeans. A recent article in the IHT breaks down the process. The Bodymetrics system uses a futuristic space pod, you step in and 200 different personal dimension points are calculated. The measurements are turned into a 2D pattern. It's tailoring on a uniquely personal level.

So far the Bodymetrics boutiques are only available in Selfridges and Harrod's in England. While other brands including Levi Strauss have offered similar products, the Bodymetrics jeans offer more options. They also cost more $482 per pair. The plan for the company is to eventually be able to use the Bodymetrics measurements with a variety of companies especially with online fashion companies. As much as I dread the horror of seeing my form rendered in 3D on a computer, I would so love to never have to wrestle my hard-to-fit form (smallish waist, giant behind) into an unfamiliar pair of jeans ever again. Not to mention never having to think of myself in terms of a size and all the self censure that entails.

Now that would be bliss.
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