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Crazy for Primark ...

By bglam

Over the last couple of years i've had a love-hate relationship with **Primark**. Love the prices, hate the reality that it's pretty much impossible to actually purchase anything at Manchester's city centre store on a Saturday afternoon.

My prayers were answered recently when a huge brand new store opened up 20 minutes drive from me in a fairly quiet town. I visited for the first time around midday last Saturday and couldn't believe what a dream it was to shop there.

Yes, there were are few teenage girls milling around but it was peaceful and the shop looked unrecognizably neat. I reckon i'll be there every couple of weeks now. I'd gone in to town to find a fitted red cardigan and spotted one in Primark right away for just £8. bliss. This truly is guilt-free buying

Primark is most definitely here to stay and has become one of the most influential stores on the UK high street, leading the huge slash in prices we've seen in recent years. One of the main reasons they can charge such low prices (dresses for £10, belts for £2, tops for £4) is that they NEVER spend money on advertising, instead relying on word of mouth and media buzz.

The buzz that surrounds Primark never ceases to amaze me. The black and white retro print mini dress pictured above is a knock off of the Chloe dress worn by Kate Bosworth and retails at £10 in stores now. It has already popped up on eBay selling for 3 or 4 times this price. Now that's just crazy. Will Primark ever start selling online so that those girls living miles from a store no longer have to pay such a premium on eBay?

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