Designers Want Models Ugly

It’s becoming clear to me that designers want models skinny, but only to look fat in the end. Well, whether they intend for the models to look frumpy, it is the result. We all know models are “supposed” to be thin because the clothes just hang on—well those human clothes-hangers. And then when we have thin models, the outcome is that skinny’s hot, and once skinny’s hot, big is out.

BUT designers do. not. care. if the models are hot. Just look at the frowning faces most of the time - not too cute (I think). Really, the clothes hanger look makes the models appear to be in tents. This isn’t flattering, and you know what - stupid designers - the clothes don’t look good! Also - the models look kind of fat. Exactly HOW does this fly?!

It’s odd and confusing, but true. Just take this scrap-page image I put together with 99% help from Net-a-Porter.

What do you think? How exactly are we managing to stay on one side of the line between promoting skinniness and these models clearly imitating a larger body? I want my clothes to flatter and wrap with womanly flair around beautiful bodies. Anyone else?

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