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Kate Middleton New Style Icon

By bglam

Kate Middleton, the 24 year old girlfriend of Prince William, has attracted significant press coverage of late with continuous comparisons to Princess Diana. The media seems to want to portray her as a 'fashion icon' in the making, with People magazine commenting that Kate has "stepped up her style to royal heights".

Kate recently landed herself the job of Assistant Buyer of Accessories for British label Jigsaw, confirming that it's often 'who you know' rather than 'what you know'(the owners of Jigsaw are a close family friend of Kate's). I must say though, this is a smart move on their part - Kate Middleton could do for Jigsaw what other celebrity endorsements have done for so many brands.

Kate does certainly have a great deal of elegance about her. You can see this from her dress-down attire which is usually understated and chic. Cowboy boots or slouchy boots make her outfits young and fun. Although she has the tall and slender figure for it, you would never see Kate out in a skirt much above her knee. The look is safe, not daring, and it makes no statement. It is neat, co-ordinated and appropriate for a potential future queen.

There has been little published about the designers and labels Kate is actually dressing in. However, Kate obviously wears Jigsaw which fits with her classic look and The Telegraph has reported that she is a regular at Katherine Hooker for their fitted blazers at £425 a pop. Her bags are by Longchamp. Reassuringly, it has also been known for her to step out in Topshop.

She's no style icon yet, but with designers queuing up to dress her, access to personal stylists and the figure and looks to carry it off, it won't be too long before she's moulded into one.

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