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Elle has Ellegirl , Vogue has Teen Vogue , and People , well, they had Teen People before it. It was only a matter of time before InStyle made a grand debut into the teen market... they, quite frankly, felt left out. I've been a dedicated InStyle subscriber for years now, and I have been mentally planning their teen entrance nearly as long as I've read the mag. I even went as far as to choose a title: Instyle Girl with cute overlapping action with the L's. In my perfect world, I would be a happy assistant at InStyle during the launch teen title and the higher ups at the magazine - dazzled by my assisting skills - would offer me the editor position a la Atoosa and Cosmogirl . Apparently we don't live in a perfect world, because - those kids are always in the know - reported today that Instyle has plans to hit the teen fashion market with Project Y , "a multiplatform brand extension that will include a quarterly magazine, Web site and mobile application for 16- to 20-year-olds." Interesting. I love the concept of doing both a glossy magazine as wel as an interactive website. While I still love getting my beloved magazines in the mail, I more or less live my life on the internet. Teen Vogue excels at glossies and Ellegirl has found success with internet, but maybe Instyle's Project Y can manage to be successful in both mediums. -tf [...]

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