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I Shop like a Celebrity " Vintage Clothing Ephiphany ...

By Kim

Don’t celebrities who shop in vintage clothing stores make it sound so cool?

I hate it. I am a department store gal.

Why do I sound like such a snob? Aside from the fact that most of these shops are messy and chaotic, the biggest shopping challenge I face is my size. (Plus I do like my Saks)

I’m 5′2″, 100lbs, and I never find anything in my size that doesn’t look as if some designer had been on hallucinogens — or my grandmother’s house dress somehow ended up in the 2 for $ $5.00 bin.

But today is a celebration…I may never shop retail again (as if…) but it’s a start. I am so excited had to share my new treasures with you:

• 2 Cashmere Moschino sweaters for under $100 — Cashmere and never worn!
• Adrienne Vitadinni wrap sweater: $29 — In chocolate brown…finally the solution to my ill-advised pinkish-colored jeans.

• Micheal Stars long sleeve tee $ 9.00 — perfect teal color…and perfect under a blazer.

• Coach credit leather card holder with front snap — $20!!

Isn’t that fabulous?

But here’s the product I am sooo excited about. I love teeny cosmetic samples…love, love, love them.

If you’ve ever been in a cab, on your way to a meeting, but your hands are lobster-y…a body lotion sample in your purse is your best friend.

I received several mini body lotion packetsfrom Thymes — in the Green Tea formula.

I have got to tell you…the fragrance is dreamy…but the affects of the cream on your skin is amazing…I put a little on my neck and the dryness and little lines became invisible!

I was so transformed today, I’m thinking even my colleagues, Kelly and Karen, at Thrifty Mommy would be proud of my value-minded shopping adventure.

Hey…it’s Friday…a little consumer therapy is in order and your local vintage shop will appreciate your business.

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